Barnyard Jams

County Line Orchard is proud to showcase local musical talent every weekend in the fall with Barnyard Jams.

Band/Performer Date Time Location
Chad Clifford 9/3/16 12pm-6pm Inside
Bernie Glim & Country Roads 9/3/16 12pm-3pm Outside
The Blues Project 9/3/16 3pm-6pm Outside
Hutch 9/4/16 12pm-3pm Inside
Marco Villarreal 9/4/16 3pm-6pm Inside
Barcode 9/4/16 12pm-6pm Outside
Flintlock Friends (Rick Carter) 9/5/16 12pm-6pm Outside
Hutch 9/10/16 12pm-6pm Inside
Electric Soul 9/10/16 12pm-3pm Outside
Flintlock Friends (Rick Carter) 9/10/16 3pm-6pm Outside
Hutch 9/11/16 12pm-6pm Inside
Music Makers 9/11/16 12pm-6pm Outside
Joe Marcinek Accoustic 9/17/16 12pm-6pm Inside
TBA 9/17/16 12pm-6pm Outside
Jeff Robinson 9/18/16 12pm-3pm Inside
Hutch 9/18/16 3pm-6pm Inside
New Element (Dan Soto) 9/18/16 12pm-3pm Outside
Electric Soul 9/18/16 3pm-6pm Outside
Chris & Lou 9/24/16 9am-12pm Inside
Electric Soul (Duo) 9/24/16 12pm-3pm Inside
Angelo Cicco 9/24/16 3pm-6pm Inside
Barcode 9/24/16 12pm-6pm Outside
Mark Rongers (duet) 9/25/16 9am-12pm Inside
Robert Rolfe Feddersen 9/25/16 12pm-3pm Inside
Droptop Acoustic (Maggie & Brett) 9/25/16 3pm-6pm Inside
Unstoppable (Dan Soto) 9/25/16 12pm-3pm Outside
The Remedy 9/25/16 3pm-6pm Outside
Chad Clifford 10/1/16 9am-12pm Inside
Hutch 10/1/16 12pm-6pm Inside
Crawpuppies 10/1/16 12pm-3pm Outside
Bill Wayne & Cooking Country Band 10/1/16 3am-6pm Outside
Robert & Terry Feddersen 10/2/16 9am-12pm Inside
Hutch 10/2/16 12pm-6pm Inside
Music Makers 10/2/16 12pm-6am Outside
Chris & Lou 10/8/16 9am-12pm Inside
Jeff Robinson 10/8/16 12pm-3pm Inside
Angelo Cicco 10/8/16 3pm-6pm Inside
Eric Lambert 10/8/16 12pm-3pm Outside
EG Kight 10/8/16 3pm-6pm Outside
Marco Villarreal 10/9/16 9am-12pm Inside
Eric Lambert 10/9/16 12pm-6pm Inside
Laura Joy 10/9/16 12pm-3pm Outside
Chris & Lou The Band 10/9/16 3pm-6pm Outside
Chad Clifford 10/10/16 9am-12pm Inside
Hutch 10/10/16 12pm-6pm Inside
Joe Marcinek Fresh Hops 10/10/16 12pm-6pm Outside
Hutch 10/15/16 12pm-6pm Inside
Jamrose 10/15/16 12pm-3pm Outside
Code Names 10/15/16 3pm-6pm Outside
Marco Villarreal 10/16/16 12pm-3pm Inside
Mark Rongers 10/16/16 3pm-6pm Inside
Billy Wayne & Cooking Country Band 10/16/16 12pm-6pm Outside
Marco Villarreal 10/22/16 3pm-6pm Inside
Robert Rolfe Feddersen 10/22/16 12pm-6pm Outside
Eric Lambert 10/23/16 12pm-6pm Inside
Crawpuppies 10/23/16 12pm-3pm Outside
Bernie Glim & Country Roads 10/23/16 3pm-6pm Outside
Chad Clifford 10/29/16 12pm-6pm Inside
Hutch 10/30/16 12pm-6pm Inside