Barnyard Jams

County Line Orchard is proud to showcase local musical talent every weekend in the fall with Barnyard Jams.

2018 Schedule Begins Saturday, September 1st.
Perfomer Date Time Location
Hutch 9/1/18 11AM-5PM Inside
Music Makers 9/1/18 11AM-2PM Outside
The Crawpuppies 9/1/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Marco Villareal 9/2/18 11AM-2PM Inside
Mario Samaniego 9/2/18 2PM-5PM Inside
Eric Lambert 9/2/18 11AM-2PM Outside
Jordan & James Band 9/2/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Chris & Lou Duo 9/3/18 11AM-2PM Inside
Hutch 9/3/18 2PM-5PM Inside
Joe Marcinek Band 9/3/18 11AM-5PM Outside
Hutch 9/8/18 11AM-2PM Inside
Two Acres 9/8/18 2PM-5PM Inside
Over/ Under Band 9/8/18 11AM-2PM Outside
Flintlock 9/8/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Chad Clifford 9/9/18 11AM-2PM Inside
Angelo Cicco 9/9/18 2PM-5PM Inside
Eclectic Soul 9/9/18 11AM-2PM Outside
Jerica Paliga 9/9/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Chris and Lou Duo 9/15/18 11AM-2PM Inside
Marco Villareal 9/15/18 2PM-5PM Inside
Head Honchos 9/15/18 11AM-5 PM Outside
RRF Music-Terri Fedderson 9/16/18 11AM-2PM Inside
Drop Top- Maggie Massari 9/16/18 2PM-5PM Inside
Dan Holmes Group 9/16/18 11AM-5PM Outside
Frank Ruvoli Duo 9/22/18 11AM-2PM Inside
Chris & Lou Acoustic 9/22/18 2PM-5PM Inside
Music Makers 9/22/18 11AM-2PM Outside
Flintlock 9/22/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Hutch 9/23/18 11AM-5PM Inside
Head Honchos 9/23/18 11AM-5PM Outside
Angelo Cicco 9/29/18 11AM-5PM Inside
The UnStoppables 9/29/18 11AM-2PM Outside
Crawpuppies 9/29/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Joe Marcinek Acoustic 9/30/18 11AM-5PM Inside
Eclectic Soul 9/30/18 11AM-2PM Outside
Trout Steak Revival 9/30/18 2PM-5PM Outside
The Roccos 10/6/18 11AM-2PM Inside
The Remedy Acoustic 10/6/18 2PM-5PM Inside
Music Makers 10/6/18 11AM-2PM Outside
Bernie Glim 10/6/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Chad Clifford 10/7/18 11AM-5PM Inside
Andy Sutton-Uptown Dance Band 10/7/18 11AM-2PM Outside
EG Kight 10/7/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Hutch 10/8/18 11AM-5PM Inside
Chris and Lou Band 10/8/18 11AM-2PM Outside
Eric Lambert 10/8/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Marco Villareal 10/13/18 11AM-2PM Inside
Jordan & James Acoustic 10/13/18 2PM-5PM Inside
Flintlock 10/13/18 11AM-2PM Outside
Drop Top-Maggie Massari 10/13/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Angelo Cicco 10/14/18 11AM-2PM Inside
Mario Samaniego 10/14/18 2PM-5PM Inside
Kickin & Pickin’ 10/14/18 11AM-2PM Outside
JamRose 10/14/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Angelo Cicco 10/20/18 11AM-5PM Inside
The Remedy 10/20/18 11 AM- 2PM Outside
Bernie Glim 10/20/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Hutch 10/21/18 11AM-5PM Inside
RRF Music-Terri Fedderson 10/21/18 11AM-5PM Outside
Marco Villareal 10/27/18 11AM-2PM Inside
Chad Clifford 10/27/18 2PM-5PM Inside
Music Makers 10/27/18 11AM-2PM Outside
Troy Creech – Strings Beyond Description 10/27/18 2PM-5PM Outside
Chad Clifford 10/28/18 11AM-2PM Inside
The Roccos 10/28/18 2PM-5PM Inside
Jordan & James Band 10/28/18 11AM-5PM Outside