We are currently hiring for Orchard Season.

Donut Staff
Event Maintenance
Caramel Apple Bakery Staff
Greeter Information Stand
Grill Staff
Kettle Corn Operator
Kids Farm Staff
Kitchen Staff
Maze Staff
Party Village Staff
Retail Barn Staff
Tour Guides
Tractor Driver

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County Line Orchard Team Leader Responsibilities:

  • Assist customers with their needs and demonstrate concern; master “suggestive selling”
  • Account for department inventory and cash (if applicable)
  • Maintain relationships with customers, associates, and vendors, treating all fairly and with respect
  • Efficiently execute the Company’s Mission/Vision statement, corporate strategy, goals, and objectives
  • Foster a work environment where good performance is recognized and rewarded
  • Enforce Company rules, procedures, and policies at all times
  • Ensure all shifts are covered to meet business needs; communicate with other departments for help with coverage
  • Complete weekly schedule and submit to HR in a timely manner
  • Handle and act on all disciplinary issues/areas of concern according to Company standards
  • Ensure the preparation and delivery of quality food products (if applicable)
  • Maintain general appearance and cleanliness of department premises; delegate duties as needed
  • Effectively lead, train, motivate, and develop team members and hold them accountable
  • Maintain a safe and secure environment for all customers and associates; immediately follow proper incident reporting procedures and contact HR
  • Ensure timely completion of necessary documentation, including customer and employee incident reports, absentee forms, and status change forms
  • Attend weekly Team Leader meetings
  • Responsible for the overall functioning of the department
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