MAZES- 2019

The Apple of Our Pie. For 2019 we will be honoring Grandma Luke.  She instilled a lot of values in setting and keeping traditions for our family.  Whether she was baking with her sister, daughters, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews, she always shared her proven recipes and thoughtful “pinch of this and some of that” methodology.  Enjoy our Granny Themed Corn Maze!

Albanese Maze. Our Albanese Gummi Bear Maze is perfect for our younger visitors.   It’s a little shorter, a little easier and a whole lot of fun! 

MAZES- 2018

What’s the Buzz on the County Line Orchard 2018 corn maze? For 2018 we are putting all our focus on HONEY! So in true honey fashion, our maze is all about you getting lost among the honeycombs. As part of the Culver’s Thank You Farmers Project, we recognize the dedication and commitment of the farmers who produce wholesome food to feed our nation. We are lucky to have a long partnership with our local beekeeper, Ken Theis. Without his hard work and busy bees, we wouldn’t have the delicious local honey for our guests to enjoy every fall!

Our soy bean maze was such a hit last year we decided to bring it back for 2018! Our Albanese Gummi Bear Maze is unique because it was County Line Orchard’s first non-corn maze. It’s a little shorter, a little easier and a whole lot of fun! And best of all, you’ll be able to keep you eye on the prize because on select dates Albanese will be handing out free samples to the Gummi Bear Maze goers!

MAZES- 2017

World Series Champions Maze – Our first maze (& most requested!) recognizes our 2016 World Series Champions and HOLY COW is it going to be a fun one to get lost in! Enjoy fun facts throughout the maze on Chicago baseball trivia and be sure to hit all the checkpoints!

Albanese Maze – Yummy Gummi Bear! This one is great for the kiddos, as it’s a soy bean maze and easier for little ones to navigate.

Culver’s MazeCulver’s is growing our gratitude for farmers one farm maze at a time. This maze is part of Culver’s Thank You Farmers program, which recognizes the hard work and commitment of the farmers who produce wholesome food to feed our nation. We pay tribute to the Future Farmers of America for all the work that they have done and continue to do. THANK YOU FARMERS!

VOTE 2016

The presidential election of Donald Trump & Hilary Clinton with a kid friendly third candidate! County Line Orchard provided ballots but your vote only counted if you made it through the maze. As part of our educational fun, the maze featured fun facts about elections and how voting works.


We love our Hawks! The Stanley Cup winners deserved this maze in their honor after yet another takeover of the Stanley Cup.


One of the most majestic induction classes in the history of the National Baseball Hall of Fame was in 2014 when Greg Maddux and Frank Thomas were elected. Our two favorite Chicago teams, Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox players made their debut in our corn maze for all fans to see and enjoy.


Our team brought the Stanley Cup back to Chicago!


Ron Santo personified the Chicago Cubs for more than 50 years as a player, a broadcaster and an icon. His legend remains vibrant, a living monument to his love for the game. We dedicated our 2012 corn maze for Santo receiving the Hall of Fame honor.

PAC MAN 2012

Here is our tribute to one of our favorite “maze” themed video games…Pacman of course!

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