Baking up some love

Located in the Big Barn | 8am- 6pm

From the moment you step into the barn, the aromas of our famous donuts will instantly draw you in. In an average season we can make up to 1 million donuts for our guests. But donuts aren’t the only item we offer at our bakery. We bake up pies, cookies, fudge and even bread!
The Bakery


Lovin’ from our oven

Located in the Big Barn | 8am- 6pm

Our sweet shop gets a lot of buzz during the warmer days at the orchard. Their most popular item is the Donut Parfait, because lets face it; whats better than a County Line donut? Having it covered in ice cream, honey, caramel and whip cream. Mouth watering yet?
Sweet Shop


Good mood food

Located in the Little Barn | 11am- 5pm

If you’re visiting during lunch, make sure to stop at the County Line Kitchen! We have a wide variety of items for all ages to enjoy!
Kitchen Menu


Let’s picnic

Located behind the Little Barn
Saturday & Sunday | 11am- 5pm

For those busy weekends, we open up the County Line Grill. Perfect for those nice fall days to sit at a picnic table and enjoy a good burger.
Grill Menu


Cider, jams, gourmet items…

Located in Big Barn | 8am- 6pm

Our County Line Store has everything for your country cooking dreams! From our famous apple butter to the best syrup for your morning pancakes, we have you covered!


Pie for the holidays!

County Line Orchard knows it is hard to go too long without our famous donuts and pies. We offer holiday orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas for your family to enjoy during the off season. Pick up only, we don’t ship at this time.