Barnyard Jams:
barnyardjamsWhat do farmers do after a long days work? Unwind with some great music and dancing of course.
Check the performance schedule here.

The Main Stage is located by the Kids Farm and Picnic Areas and hosts full band performances.

The Welcome Shed Stage is located, yep, by the welcome shed and features acoustic solo artists of all styles.

County Line Orchard Campfires & Hayrides

We offer private campfires & hayrides for groups
Last day for a campfire this season – October 30, 2016.
$120.00 for up to 30 people per campfire site.
Includes: 3 1/2 hour campfire and 20 minute hayride

Contact Information
Email or call:
[email protected]
219-947-4477 Ext. 308

Applewood for Fires and Smoking
Seasoned Apple Wood available year round at County Line Orchard. Whether you’re having the neighborhood fire or you are smoking some fresh salmon or meats seasoned apple wood truly enhances the experience. Every year we prune our apple trees in the winter so we always have a well seasoned supply.

The Guarded Technique of the Heaping Wheel Barrow
Over the years the “Heaping Wheel Barrow” of apple wood has gained a cult following. First timers soon begin to pickup ancient techniques of maximizing the area of the wheel barrow to sometimes fit as many as 3 wheel barrows worth of wood in a single wheel barrow. But don’t worry you don’t need a physics degree just a little smarts a strong back and $20 Bucks and you’re sure to fill your trunk.

Heaping Wheel Barrow: $20
Face Cord: $100
Full Cord: $200